I had only gotten up to eat for next two days but I had to get back to my work today. I was very calm and nothing was worrying me. My legs and arms looked like they had been burnt in the sun. I found the sunscreen I had lost when i needed it. I had found my lost peace just when i needed it.

I do not know what a journey does to your body, but I know that is only half a story. The other half could only be felt. I saw the family of 3 children begging on the same signal I see them at every day when being driven to the office. My driver was a poor village youth. That day the family was sitting on the pavement. I could see myself in the rear view mirror. In one fleeting glimpse I had seen 3 levels of people. I was being driven by someone, And someone was begging me for my change. Why is there so much of difference??? Excuse me!!! we are sharing the same space. I see them every day. What did i do to be so great and when did they not do to live on my change? How are we more civilized with this gap and kibber a remote village with everyone living together? How is this progress? Am i measuring with a wrong unit? I wanted to get down and sit with them on the pavement with my lunch box open for all. I could not do it.

I was talking less, smiling more but more like the smile when you are content. I preferred not to see people. I was postponing all my meetings. I did not talk about the trip in office. I preferred seclusion. I walked out of my seat more often, I lost track of things more often, I looked at nothing more often. I breathed more often. I thought of nothing more often. One thing that happened and got noticed was I was unable to interpret more than one person talking at the same time with the same ease as before, and i lost track if one spoke fast. I could concentrate, I solved more maths problems and played with the dog less. I had answers to many things. I had no problems. I missed the space and the mountains.

I could feel these effects less with every passing day when in a month I was the same, running the race and making sure I was on top of all top things in my life. Some people around me loved to listen to the stories from the trip. Travel does that to you, first it leaves you completely speechless and next it turns you into a storyteller. I spent a lot of time doing that. I flipped through the pictures every now and then. Rishi came around more frequently. I still dont know what happened in old manali.

This trip had broadened my horizons in travel. I was looking around for the next best thing. I was looking for the next gap in time. We want to drive the deserts this time.

When will the time be to go?



About anushile

I wish to see a different sun rise every day. Dreamer, thinker, observer; these are some experiences i never wish to forget
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