Rishi always wanted to stay in Kibber. All I wanted from Kaza was the chocolates balls from the Germany Bakery. I was fine and happy. Rishi was pepped up again; we had washed away all the sun from our skin. We were driving uphill on a road which was not on any of the maps. I grinned.

I was looking at the sun was setting on our left – the evening claiming us slowly. I had no connectivity, I was off the grid. I looked far into the sun. Waiting for something. I hated that feeling, it made me feel soo low, soo low. I wanted the sun to explode then.

Round the corner, was one of the greatest sights I have ever seen. I had no idea at the beginning of the journey that I was going to see this. I just stopped; I was just looking at it for I do not know how long.  The Kye monastery.  I did not even know the name till I went to its gate. I had seen a picture of it before though. It was a beautiful building perched on top of a hill, coloured in bright yellow, red and black with a white background. It seemed to have been built in segments during different times  in some wonderful era I guess, but now it was one single building with one entrance to it. The entrance itself was so beautiful and well made, I saw some people photographing it. I went in.

I had the camera, I was trying to shoot Rishi spinning a lot of prayer wheels, I wanted to capture all wheels moving. Someone passed by and asked if I got a good shot, I answered no. I think I saw the whole place through the camera lens. I kept photographing everything, everything was so beautiful. everybody else there were doing the same. eh? everyone is just clicking pictures and most of them have like killar cameras. what is going on? whatever, I moved into the main prayer hall. there was a group that was being guided by a priest, and a lady crying in the corner, hopefully guided by God. Someone else also just sat there. Rishi joined in. At first, I joined the guided tour, but I did not have the patience. So I joined the photography brigade again.

Rishi came alarmed and murmured something into my ears, I didnt pay attention and then he said it a little louder. Apparently, all the other ‘Tourists’ were not tourists. The place was closed for the tourists for the day. They were all professional photographers, maybe some big and popular names –  I don’t know. They had acquired a special permit to shoot inside the kye, which has been beyond reach for any other camera. and somehow, by some divine strength, I with my puny camera and over dirty shorts looked like one of them.  Well, i took it as a compliment and continued my photography. Rishi insisted we leave lest we get caught. Hey come on buddy. I clicked the last few when I heard someone saying, thats it for today. I didnt stop long after that.


Moral of the story my friend, is that I, your friend, I have a few photographs with me, which nobody else has and nobody else is supposed to click. I remembered the mountains welcoming us on the great Himalayan express-way.

It was time to go.


About anushile

I wish to see a different sun rise every day. Dreamer, thinker, observer; these are some experiences i never wish to forget
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