Infancy II


The ski point in either fagu or narkanda, i do not exactly remember and trust me it is not worth googling, was another disappointment. I was lowering my bars of expectation already. i wanted to just keep on driving. so did Rishi.

oh, I did get my first souvenir of the trip here. A plastic thread wrapped handmade tough cricket ball. Perfect round, handmade. It was easy to grip so good to toss around while hiking.

after fagu was narkanda, but we could have got there in two hours drive. we could not have wasted the rest of the day. Next stop was supposed to be Chitkul but that was too far to reach. I had so many things in my head early in the morning, it was almost hurting. We will stop over in chitkul, we are just going to waste another day in the middle. It was reaching my tipping point, and it did. 

I took a break at a tea stall. and guess what i see there, a board advertising an awesome homestay in fagu for half the cost as that govt guest house. The homestay was in the far end of the village. That would have had been some nice morning to wake up to. for sure better than the one i just had. I wanted to kill someone. I walked up to that guy.

sometimes, it just takes the moment to break the ice. he was telling me all about the valleys that lay ahead. I took a mental note of everything i needed. Rishi joined in, we had tea and smokes. I started to feel better. He told us about a place Saharan some 40 kms off the highway which had some hundreds of years old himalayan temple. We better have something to do if we are wasting a day. Saharan it was.

The temple was nice but then nothing close to what i had thought. it was wooden and made into a modern tourist attraction of ancient india for foreign travellers. we did see some firangs. i noticed their average age group, 40+.

we took the best of the worst hotels and i kept on whining. I told the guest house guy that i wanted to stay in the apple orchards around the place. he guided us to the end of the village where the town weirdo had an orchard overlooking which he had a decently made hut he rented to a danish girl for 6 months. She had painted all the walls inside and outside the hut. it had cows tied behind it. The room was good enough considering we had our sleeping bags. good spot in himalayan villages. But i was not sure Rishi would be comfortable and the weirdo also told us he had people working in the orchard at night, considering it was harvest time for apples. I gave up the idea.

To my surprise Rishi showed interest in staying over that place when we came back to the hotel. What the hell?? Did i say it was a day of bloopers  Rishi now felt like was in a mood for the rugged, lets do it buddy! *high five*.

next day, we converted another idea of that weirdo where we was to lead us to a Hermit’s aarshram 3-4 hours hiking distance from the town. It was uphill. Rishi agreed, he had done mountaineering before 😛 and it was my birthday. we started walking briskly, then slowly, then started breathing briskly,
then stopped altogether. This happened 4-5 times before we made it to the Hermit’s place in 4-5 hours. He was not happy to see us. Basically he never saw anyone from the village, he lived in solitude and ate uncooked food. but we could not trek back the same day. he cooked some veges and some rotis that day. we had to sleep in a log house with no doors and to add the flavors, it was that time of the year when you see the bears in that jungle. we didnt have a very powerful torch, Fine, we hold the post till Dawn. Image

With the first light, we were ready to go back. so we started, there was no clear road leading to the village. I assured we can take anyone which feels like going downhill. Little did we walk we had the morning fog cover us and we could not see anything. Too dangerous to climb down, we sat there chilling with three kids of a small family who were either untouchables or exiled from the village, still at least 2.5 hours of hiking left. They loved the chocolates.

It was time to go.


About anushile

I wish to see a different sun rise every day. Dreamer, thinker, observer; these are some experiences i never wish to forget
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4 Responses to Infancy II

  1. Elijah K. says:

    like this one the most…

  2. anushile says:

    yes, this one was quiet an adventure.
    kibber coming next. that was as good

  3. mohit bajaj says:

    when did u guys visit this side of himalayas?

  4. anushile says:

    Aug this year, It was new place for me too.

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