I do not like the highways, The himalayan expressway was a delight. World class highway on the mountains, just the thing we needed to boost us after the night long drive.The music now had more beats, the car had more speed and world was brighter.

nothing lasts forever, someone said. I hated him.

The highway soon gave way to smaller roads, denser traffic, more heat. it suddenly struck me we were heading to smila. i was instantly thinking about the german bakery, that made me very hungry. Rishi argued about the traffic in shimla and how we are going to loose couple of hours if we cross shimla. Has he never been to the german bakery? This will need some negotiation.

It took me a break, two cups of dhaba chai and a cigarette to settle the thought of shimla bypass. If its traffic, i am not travelling on the highway anymore. The highway was at fault. It was time to leave its company. I scouted the map for the first turn and i would take it, whatever it was. Something inside me was angry. I think my stomach.

All right turns (and the first few ones) were all converging in a green area on the map. It was chail national reserve. 🙂 I was smiling. I love forests.
Rishi didn’t resist, he is a good negotiator :P. but he started losing his confidence when the road side car repair shop chotu suggested the road was undrivable after last nights rain and may be closed due to some small landslide and moreover it was 40 km longer to reach Fagu. The way i heard it was, we ain’t reaching nalkanda today. A destination was about to decide the fate of a journey, naah, not my style. 

I argued, if we took the ‘bad’ road, and if its good, the best we can make it that day was Fagu. If the road is bad, we might have to drive back here and come here to take the good road and reach Fagu by driving 40 kms less. I said, its worth taking the risk. Rishi bought it. 

Like a PS:- line it flashed in my head, we are losing on the distance the first day. Ahhhh what the heck. Shutup.

Now if you ever go to Shimla for a romantic trip or a honeymoon or you just need solitude for any good reason, Please take a right to chail national forest.

40 Kms of absolute bliss.

Amazingly fresh after yesterday nights rain, the trees and bushes and the grass and the greens were all sooo beautiful. Nobody behind us. No honks, no red lights, no traffic. we drove slow, stopping for longer than we drove.

                  Image         Image      Image      Image


Ah, we did find some company on that road. 3 cars, 3 white cars, 3 white posh long cars, 3 posh white long car with 3 sardars and 3 girlfriends. all driving like a parade. It was just too funny.

We found another set of company when we were catching on some evening coffee and maggi at the corner of the road just at the entrance of that big resort in or around chail. It was getting a little cold. Maggi felt nice. the sky was lit with so many different shades of red and orange taking away all the blue and violet from its cheeks. a group of school girls came giggling laughing holding hands out of that resort and into that small shop. we were standing on the side walls enjoying the red orange and blue and violet color of the sky. i was more used to bird cheeking sounds in the evening, but i just tell you kiddish girly giggling and laughing makes up for its loss. we had another maggi, another coffee, some more pictures.

ImageImageWe are going there, i told rishi. i want to see them in the eye, i pointed at the bare barren mountains i had only seen through the binoculars up high somewhere far away. 

I had to go, so we left.

Fagu was a personal disappointment. I did not want to see a town with touts trying to sell me hotels, a home away from home, so that you do not ever leave whatever was called home. Somethings…, my friends, are just sooo funny. Life is funny.

I got myself rum, rishi got us to the govt guest house, good to look at.

The first thing i did when i got up was Leave.


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I wish to see a different sun rise every day. Dreamer, thinker, observer; these are some experiences i never wish to forget
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