I had to go.

There were so many ‘could’s but once we left, it did not matter.

Rishi was excited, He was so positive he will make it to spiti; I was pitching for Sangla. Spiti in an alto was hmmm…. not actually rugged but too much of responsibility. I was cent percent sure I will come back, i have a strong heart, lets say. I could be 90% percent sure I will bring Rishi back, giving 10% to the possibility he starts to find his home in the barren bare land and runs away from nowhere we were in to nowhere he wanted to be in. But the car…, i would hate it if i had to change any part of whatever we wished to do just because we had a car and we had to take care of it and bring it back. I had no plans, i did not want any spoilers either. I wasn’t sure i will bring the car back. It was just a Thing.

I had mildly (i guess) hinted to Rishi, the car will not be the same again and inspired him to get every nut and bolt tightened, every gear and chain oiled every tyre and tube changed. Well at the end it just costed me too much money to be too much cautious. We also wanted to music system upgraded.

We dumped everything in the backseat, the car was going to be home for a while.

A lot was going on in my head. Am i taking it too far. Rishi was equally involved but i felt responsible. I did not want to travel with a responsibility. Naveen had hinted three was merrier, somehow that stuck in my head; Monjo never picked up the phone in the last minute. The trip was suddenly 50% costlier for the two of us, but I guess it had to be just two of us.

The night drove us to chandigarh, i do not think we stopped midway. There was nothing to stop for. We had everything we needed. I wanted to get off the plains as soon as possible.

The dawn broke just when we hit the Himachal Expressway enroute Shimla. I took it as welcome sign by Himachal. The mountains were welcoming us, i knew they will be good to us.

I had to take a walk, I had to go.


About anushile

I wish to see a different sun rise every day. Dreamer, thinker, observer; these are some experiences i never wish to forget
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